The Curacao Financial Group organizes Exit Planning Seminar

The Curacao Financial Group organizes Exit Planning Seminar

December 14, 2016

In September, cfg organized a seminar entitled “ Exit Planning Curaçao: Just An Illusion?” Various Business owners, tax consultants, accountants, lawyers, insurance brokers and investors were present. During the session, Walter, our Certified Valuations Analyst and co-founder of CFG explained
the essence of exit planning.

Exit Planning is not just about selling your business; it entails consciously working on a plan to continuously increase a company’s value, in building up to the ideal exit moment. Research indicates that business owners, who do not have an exit planning strategy, received considerably less for their business, or were unable to eventually sell their business. Consultants point out that too many business owners have unrealistic expectations regarding the selling price of their business, which then complicates the sales process. In an exit where there is no sale but rather a business transfer to the next generation, it seems that only 30% of the businesses continued to achieve long-term success.

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