Corporate responsibility

We harbor a great responsibility towards the clients who depend on us, and to our community as a whole. We see it as our task to safeguard your needs and objectives, while delivering an uncompromised and dependable service. What good is making more profits, if it doesn’t add any real value to the advancement of society? 

cfg is continuously working on a new corporate responsibility projects. Come back regularly to read more all about them.

Green Kidz Curaçao:

GreenKidz was launched in 2015 involving approximately 200 students in six pilot schools in Curaçao. Using an integrated set of activities, students were hereby encouraged to be more aware of and to take better care of their environment. GreenKidz’ outdoor activities, such as participating in the annual Curaçao Clean Up day and excursions to the Malpais Landfill and Green Force’s recycling center were received very positively by all schools and the in-depth ‘plastics and recycling’ lesson was taught very successfully in all six schools by guest teachers.

Walter Blijleven is a board member of Green Kidz Curacao. He supports Greenkidz as a financial specialist.

Sponsoring of Local Baseball Team – Royal Scorpions:

Sport activities are very essential for the development and advancement of a values-based community. Besides promoting a healthy way of life, sports motivates people to focus their energy on positive activities and helps to build character. These are essentials stepping stones for creating stronger and better business and community leaders for the future. This is why cfg is a proud sponsor of the local baseball team, the Royal Scorpions!


Voedselbank Curaçao is a project that is aimed at providing food to the most impoverished individuals on Curaçao. Through collaboration with some social partners, they are able to select the individuals that need this help the most. Several Hundreds of food packages are distributes a month. CFG is a proud sponsor of such initiative.

Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange:

The Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX) is a self-regulatory international Exchange for the listing and trading in domestic- and international securities. It is supervised by the Central Bank of Curacao and Sint Maarten. The DCSX provides a timesaving and cost-efficient facility for international and local corporations and investment funds, furnishing a high quality alternative to the regional exchanges in other jurisdictions of the Caribbean and beyond. The DCSX platform sets the stage for the successful listing and trading of international and local companies, funds and other financing structures in a reputable jurisdiction within the Dutch Kingdom and by doing so offers the opportunity to the issuers to add the necessary market awareness, prestige and profile to their organizations.

Walter Blijleven is an active member of the Board of DCSX, and currently holds the position of Treasurer.